A modern Japanese martial art developed by Morihei Ueshiba with the goal to defend oneself while also protecting the attacker from injury. Start Your Journey


Cycling MON, WED | 7PM-8:30PM

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Jim Weber
Cycling TUE , THU | 6:30AM-7:30AM

Basic morning class

Jim Weber
Cycling FRI | xxPM-xxPM (tbd)

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Cycling SAT | 8AM-9:30AM


Jim Weber

Our instructors

and advanced students

Wayne Wallace sensei

Chief Instructor, 5th Dan - Iwama Shin Shin Aiki Shuren Kai. Studied Aikido for 30 years. A student of Hitohira Saito Soke, he has also lived in Japan for 6 years studying both technique and weapons daily in Iwama.

Jim Weber

Senior instructor, 2nd Dan - Iwama Shin Shin Aiki Shuren Kai. Has studied Aikido under Wayne Wallace sensei since 2014

Alex Kane

1st Dan. Studied Aikido for over 20 years, a few of those in years under Wayne Wallace sensei.

Raul Heinrich

1st Dan. Studied Aikido since 2005 first in Aikikai and since 2018 under Wayne Wallace sensei.

Alejandro Gomez

1st Dan. Studied Aikido for xx years, of these xx years in Aikikai and xx years under Wayne Wallace sensei.



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